Wheel of Fortune (Official) - Endless Word Puzzles from America's #1 TV Game Show App Reviews

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Dont buy it

The multi-player mode is ridiculous. You have to wait your opponent without seeing the game. Theres no option to save the username and password, I always have to put it every time I get in. Come on Sony Id appreciate if you give back my money.

Great game but

Give us the option of turning off the obnoxious music please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also frustrated that notifications dont work on my iPod 6 or my sisters iPhone 6. (Yes they are turned on) If ever a game should have notifications working this one is it because of the rapid back and forth. When a game is this pricey I expect it to work well. Thanks!


Best game show app ever!

Wheres my million dollars?!

Good app but I won the million dollar wedge, never lost it and won the bonus round. However the million wedge was never mentioned again or reflected in my score. Way to ruin the thrill.


Amazing game. Challenging for the brain,everybody needs it. BUY IT!!!!!!

Realistic but slow

Far more true to the TV version than the free app is, but actually less fun to play because its soooooo slow (about the same as watching it on TV).

40 Bern

Great game, love playing it.Also would like to add , that I have a little problem with the show powering off in the middle of the game, sometimes. I can get it back with a touch of the reset button though. Great game ,.Hope it can be fixed eventually.Still a great game.


A little disappointed as it says in-app purchase which free versions offer. This one cost money.


This game is so slow that I was bored after round one. I forced myself to play one whole game but it will likely be my last until the speed issue if fixed. The concept is good and it stays true to the TV show but I dont want to watch every spin and every conversation between host and contestants. Please fix the speed and I will upgrade my rating.

I like it!!!

I like the game a lot. Its nice to be able to skip through Pat talking and the other players turns. I wish there was an option to just do bonus round puzzles. I hope something like that will be added eventually. That part of the game is my favourite. Thank you!


I used to watch this game on TV, and I wanted to play it on my iphone, but there are no rules stated anywhere in the game. There are no "how to play" anywhere in the game. I always get passer by the other players because I dont know where to click... Too bad, its a bad game.


Lots of fun. No speed issues for me on iPhone 5S.

good fun game

it cool and not it hard

Yay but...

I got it thinking it would connect with chromecast, but it doesnt :(

Pick up the pace

The game was ok but the silent pauses between each play broke up the flow of the game for me, it would have been nice to pick up the pace a little. As well as during the final round when youre throwing out guesses in a speed round there is no way to delete a letter you throw up there and start over quickly.

Ill buy a vowel


Great fun

It is a great way to relax and have fun. It is very life like in many ways making you feel like a contestant on the show.

Great game

A little slow, and really needs an option to turn off the sound. Otherwise, great!


I like it but drags a bit. Good game though. Could use faster wheel.

Want My Money Back

Graphics are poor. Its slow. My software is all up to date and this is the only app thats slow. Theres a free version thats much better, even with the ads. Its a lot more realistic and relatable to the green board, the spins are more "personal" you could say. Not worth the money AT ALL.

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